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No need to purchase expensive anti virus because 360 security is free and does the job much better

By Frank Kanyua

On Friday, June 12, 2015

Of all the anti-virus programs I have used 360 security is the best. I have it on my android and on my PC. On android it has the 360 boost where you only have to click on the boost icon and you phone will be automatically cleaned. You can also choose to open the mother icon where you will be met by the cleaner which lets you delete data or folders that you are not using and also large files that you don’t need. The anti-virus that lets you scan and remove all the viruses and malware in your PC. There is an anti-theft option that lets you trace, block or retrieve data in case your phone has been stolen or lost.

The app install two icons and one floating icon. The floating icon if I may call it that, is use to optimize your phone while the boost icon is used to boost you phone. Difference is when you optimize you will basically be clearing out the files that are created temporarily and if you boost you will be shutting down the apps that seem to not be in use. There is also an auto start manager that detects all the apps that automatically start when you boot your device. When you also install an app that is likely to cause harm to your device 360 will prompt you to uninstall it.

The PC version is in two states one with 30 megabytes but doesn’t have all the tools and the 160 megabyte that has all the tools. The PC version has a boot time which will tell you how long your PC takes to boot up... PS (Mine used to take 59 seconds and after using 360 it now only take at most 6 second and at best 4 second beat my record if you can.) 360 offers an inbuilt option to patch you OS when it detects vulnerabilities. When scanning you have a customs scan where you can scan a specific folder, quick scan, this skips some files and full scan, take the longest but scans every inch of hard drive. If you install any harmful content, it is automatically quarantined so that you can recover it if it was not harmful.


I don’t intend to pay for any anti-virus program since 360 has me covered already. Plus with also the online secure that will turn off all the programs that send info out of you PC like tethering apps. I also noticed it turned off Ava find but as long as it’s doing it in my best interest.


  • It’s free to use unlike others that make you to continuously pay to use
  • Doesn’t detect games as viruses hence doesn’t need a game mode
  • The patches will boost you pc a great deal


  • Auto quarantines without any warning
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Keep your windows operating system free from the common internet dangers

By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, January 11, 2016

Your computer needs total protection especially when surfing the net to avoid dangerous attacks of viruses and malware. That is why you need a total protection suite. Don't go further since 360 Total Security is here to make sure you are totally protected against those enemies. In the main menu you will find all the important functions with ease. Its design is simple and attractive. To make sure you are fully protected, this suite has its own version of antivirus and anti-malware scanner which is quite fast in scanning. Due to its high security level you also feel protected in privacy and personal information. It uses multiple engines at the same time while scanning for virus to ensure total results. It has a sandbox integrated feature to ensure security in all files and patches installed apps. You also have the ability to boost the speed of your system, thanks to its maintenance functions. It also creates more free space on your system by deleting junk files.System requirements for 360 Total Security are affordable since you need an operating system of Windows XP or later, a processor 1GHz CPU or faster one, 1GB memory RAM and to install you need a free space of 30.4 MB.

Totally recommended security suite for total protection of your windows system.


  • It has a easy and clean main interface.
  • Has a boot up app to speed up the computer performance.
  • Has online functions to fight against cyber crime.


  • None to comment on since long
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protect your computers fully from malware as well as trojans

By Martin Maguna

On Monday, November 30, 2015

total 360 is an anti virus whose main objective is to offer maximum protection to your computer from all the viruses and trojans that can be picked frm anywhere for example on the internet as one is browsing the internet as well as from plug ins that may be plugged in to the computer at various times.Once you download the free antivirus from here it will have a very basic and simple set up and at the end it will ask you if you will allow it to make changes to your computer and of course if you want it to run to your computer you will say yes.The interface is very straight forward as it has sections for full check as well us clean up the machines so that you can improve the boot time and each and everytime that you open your computer it will be notifying you of your bootime and telling you whether it is superfast pretty fast or not too bad which when not too bad appears you know that you have to clean up the system using total 360 free security.


  • free to download and set up
  • it cleans up the system in case there are any junk files
  • it does not slow down the machine


  • it is not that strong as anti virus such as kaspersky and norton anti viruses
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • For my laptop device in order to give my machine total protection through out the year which can make me to sure with my personal computer, thank you very much

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used the software antivirus used to protect the computer from any virus and abnormal system operation o 360 total security


Surfing the web is potentially dangerous if you go around without the proper protection, being exposed to viruses and malware. 360 Total Security is a complete protection suite that installs different tools for increasing the user's level of safety against the most common dangers on the Internet. The application is available as a free download for computers running Windows operating systems.

This new suite includes all the necessary functions for granting complete security, as well as protection for your personal privacy

Although the antivirus market has been really busy these past years with new companies trying to get their own share, the Chinese software company Qihoo offers their own approach to the security software. This new suite includes all the necessary functions for granting complete security, as well as protection for your personal privacy.

The interface of 360 Total Security uses the classic arrangement of most protection suites, with a main menu in which the most important functions available at just one click. With a simple and attractive design, the resource consumption has been reserved only for the processes that really matter; protection features. The configuration of the application through the different options is intuitive enough that you won't go losing your time with difficult and incomprehensible tasks.

Clean and easy main interface
Clean and easy main interface

Focus on your security

In order to increase your systems’ protection, 360 Total Security includes its own version of Antivirus and Anti-malware scanner, featuring a fast scanning speed for the complete Operating System. In order to ensure that the application finds all the harmful elements in your system, the suite uses multiple engines at the same time, just to be sure about detecting any kind of malware without failure.

In case you download a file that looks kind of suspicious, you can now open it without any risk using the sandbox integrated feature. This function creates a completely hermetic environment in which any of your actions won’t compromise the security of the complete system. That function aside, the security application works by updating your system, patching up the different applications installed, including Adobe Flash Player, Java Runtime Environment and the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Besides being a powerful security application, the security application also includes some maintenance functions for boosting the system’s speed. In order to do this, the application includes a network performance optimization, as well as for system’s services and startup items. Clean additional items from your computer by deleting junk files, thus creating more free space for your archives and documents.

360 Total Security Features

Learn more here about the main features of 360 Total Security:

  • Advanced integration of the most popular antivirus engines for complete protection
  • Quickly check the condition of your system with the checkup tool
  • Fight against cybercrime with the online functions for Internet security including Downloaded File Scan and Malicious Website Blocking
  • Keep your system clean using the junk and plug-in cleanup functions
  • Improve the performance of your computer with the optimization of boot-up applications
  • Patch up your operating system and the different applications and prevent security flaws
  • Check the level of security of your Internet Wi-Fi using the security check
  • Run any kind of suspicious application using the sandbox environment

Check the complete list of utilities and functions by clicking on the following webpage.

System Requirements

Find the main requirements for this security software in this section:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later version
  • Processor: 1GHz CPU or faster
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Size: 30.4MB space available for installation