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Nero 2015 Classic 16.0.05500

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Get a slimmed down version of nero platinum and enjoy similar benefits.

By Newton Amadioha

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nero 2015 classic is simply a slimmed down version of Nero platinum 2015.It is slimmed down because it replaces the standard product line that features in platinum. Like platinum, it has the ability to stream straight into smartphones and vice versa, you can also send a video from a mobile device and burn it immediately.

Nero 2015 classic supports geotagging allowing you to thoroughly explore your multimedia content.The software has been upgraded with a new look and now the launcher is intuitive and it is very easy to change the format of the disk, amazingly while burning takes place. This software also supports cloud storage enabling users to access their Nero cloud content and download files easily. This version works well particularly with the dual core processing computers which are average, meaning that it seeks for little requirements.

All said and done, I found out that Nero Classic is not innovative with regards to workspace because it has the same same user interface designed for previous editions.Also it lacks high quality formats like those of platinum 2015.You also lose the Blu Ray player and all related functionalities


  • Enhances faster media conversion process
  • Wireless access to multimedia from mobile devices


  • When burning two movies at a time, its always problematic to complete the second one if it runs over the DVD capacity. This happens to my computer.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • trial version to make a home movie for myself from this years summer holiday with my son and my extended family before he goes back to school



In any kind of sector there are always some brands or companies that are classic and a great reference point for most users. In this scenario, Nero is currently one of the most popular brands in its field, and that is due to the following successes in creating burning applications, such as the current Nero 2015 Classic. This application is available for its digital download for Windows operating systems.

This current version works well, especially on average systems that rely on dual core processors in order to carry out the most demanding processes

The main purpose of this new and classic application is still the creation of your personal discs with your free content, adding some new features that enhance the overall performance of the suite. This current version works well, especially on average systems that rely on dual core processors in order to carry out the most demanding processes.

Nero 2015 Classic offers the same User Interface that has been designed for previous editions, saving their effort for optimizing the multimedia suite. In this sense, the 2015 Classic edition does not innovate at all regarding the workspace. However, it is all the better for keeping its current easy-to-use aspect than trying to create something new and failing in the attempt. At least, this way, you can maintain the traditional users that are used to the current suite’s mechanics.

New menu launcher
New menu launcher

The software that suits your multimedia style

Nero 2015 Classic has not only been designed to be a ripper program nor just a DVD burning application, but its main purpose is to be your main multimedia suite. This way, this suite includes all kinds of video and audio utilities for your use. Converting a video-disc on-the-fly makes the process easier, using the built-in ripper functions for creating your content.

The old Nero StartSmart has been replaced with the Nero Launcher in order to offer instant access to the complete suite utilities. This also includes the free access to your personal files that are stored in your Nero cloud service without any kind of limitations on the download of your content. The connectivity granted by this service includes streaming multimedia content to your mobile device or Smart TV with auto-transcoding compatibility.

In order to adapt the software to the new demands of the users, the new function of AirBurn allows burning your own content into a DVD using the files from your mobile device. With a wireless connection, you can pair your PC with the mobile device in order to share the content on-the-fly and use it in whichever way you consider useful.

Customize your videos
Customize your videos

Nero 2015 Classic 16.0.05500 Features

Take a look at the features that Nero 2015 Classic includes:

  • Faster ripper options for converting videos from any kind of source
  • Multimedia editor with semi-professional Hollywood-grade effects for customizable film-like videos
  • Explore your multimedia content with the browser included and add metadata to your photos and videos such as Geotags
  • Faster media converting process using all the hardware resources of your system
  • Wirelessly access the multimedia content through the brand-new streaming function using your compatible mobile device
  • Use your iOS or Android device to send your content to your PC using the Nero AirBurn function
  • Instant access to the complete suite through the Nero Launcher menu
  • Get instant access to your Nero Cloud content and download your personal files right away

Discover additional content about this Nero application visiting the product’s website.

Manage your photos
Manage your photos

System Requirements

Here are listed the main resources need to run Nero 2015 Classic:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or later
  • Processor: 2 GHz CPU Intel or AMD versions
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Size: 5 GB free space for default installation
  • DVD drive installed