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Get access to official Facebook sticker store and get stickers as you freely chat with friends

By Reka Gimbi

On Thursday, December 3, 2015

Messenger For Desktop came to take over the discontinued Facebook Messenger service for desktop which its users were enjoying in messaging. It has a simple and user friendly interface making it easy to be used by all. The app can be used in text chats where you can also use stickers and even share files. To enjoy it even more you can use full screen and enjoy very many things in a single window like the chat box, contacts list and more. You need to login using your Facebook user name and password to access chat box. This also makes it possible to access Facebook functions like smileys, and sticker store among the rest. It does excellent on chats in multi platform and also picture messages. The settings though is not that well developed but needs the assistance of Facebook settings to perform some functions like blocking people and turning on or off someone among the rest. It works hand in hand with Facebook so what you do in Facebook will also reflect on Messenger For Desktop. To enjoy this app you need Apple OSX 10.7 and above, OS Windows XP plus, all versions of Linux, 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and minimum 512 MB RAM.

Generally Messenger For Desktop is a good app for instant messaging bot needs a lot of improvements especially on voice and video calling and their buttons.


  • You get direct link to your friends time line.
  • It supports cross chatting option.
  • Enables sharing of files of any formats.


  • Needs improvement on video and voice calling buttons.
  • Needs assistance of Facebook for settings.
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Get your messages on your desktop with this great program the Messenger For Desktop

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

For a long time I always wanted to have a clean and effective way to send messages on my desktop. It would be a plus if it were connected to my Facebook account. Messenger for desktop has addressed this and many more needs that I had. Messenger for desktop is a software that adopts the settings of your Facebook account. It comes complete with the official messenger colors and themes though it is not an official Facebook product as Facebook had earlier on discontinued the service. This software will show up as a pop up on your desktop screen and will even allow you to reply to the messages. This program comes with full text message capabilities for real time communication on a full screen presentation. Messenger for desktop also has unrestricted data transfer of any format and even a large number of stickers is also available. The platform is accessible only by providing the correct login Facebook password and email information. Then you can access the inbox with everything including the contacts of all your friends. The software comes with a completely functional notification system where you get updated as soon as you receive a message. Get messenger for desktop and have a very satisfying real time messaging experience.


  • It works independently thus not affecting the main site accessibility.
  • It has a great full screen messaging experience.


  • It does not send audio messages.
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By Ngunyi Kibui

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Facebook have once again outdone themselves in revolutionalising the world of social media and especially chatting. The new messenger for windows is an awesome stand alone software with a lot more to offer now than the previous versions. First of all I noticed the app is very similar to the meesenger for android with all its features. Now with the full screen capability the app looks amazing and makes it easy to use as also it doesn’t interfere with the regular facebook you access on your browser. The stickers have been made easy to access and it even now it notifies you when your chat has seen the message. You can send pictures, any type of document with only just a click of a button seaqmlessly. The app although needs abit of work to improve it as some functions still lag like including the sound record button and some bug fixes. Also the fact that u inherit chat settings from your account I found it cumbersome as you can u cannot change them from the app. You will need at least 50 MB of disk space to install it, atleast Windows XP and above,OSX 10.7 and above and if u run on Linux it will work on any version. Generally it’s a good start for the messenger app and its promising if this is the start.




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Facebook’s decision to discontinue its well-received Messenger service for desktop platform is no more a sad-face message to netizens; Messenger for Desktop is here as an alternative solution. With official Messenger inspired skins and animations, Messenger for Desktop stands out as the most spot-on reproduction of official Messenger Application from a category saturated by buggy and ad-infested instant messenger software.

It’s been about a year since Facebook curbed their Messenger service availability for desktop platform, forcing PC users to switch over to social network for texting. However, Alexandru Rosianu, an avid technophile and developer simply surmounted the restriction using official resources and we finally have this unofficial yet authentic looking software.

Full screen awesomeness!

Messenger for Desktop boasts the same user interface and functionality you’re quite familiar with; nothing more or less! It facilitates text chat with stickers and file sharing. You can access the chat box by providing required login credentials (fb username and password). The software is completely stand-alone so that it won’t interfere when you access Facebook website via web browser.

Full screen messenger is an awesome experience! You get contacts list, chat box and everything in a single window. It inherits almost every transition and animation you like in Messenger for Android. FB Sticker Store access is provided in addition to standard smiley collection to experience texting fun to its fullest.

An instant messenger is soulless without flawless notification management. Fortunately, Messenger for Desktop is as good as Skype Messenger app in that aspect. Even though notification bubbles are reasonably sized and readable, they are not even comparable to Chat-heads in functionality. Multi-tasking could have been better if Chat-heads were available.

Dissecting the software!

As always, we executed multiple tests to estimate the efficiency of software and the upshot was really fascinating! Initial test was casual chatting to see how it behaves with various recipient platforms. The software did not encounter any lag or error even in cross-platform chats. Despite of some online status bugs, chatting experience is almost faultless!

Second test was all about picture messages. Test pic having dimensions of 1536*2048 pixels and 6.73 MB size on disk was sent to another Messenger for Desktop user. Image suffered a drastic compression to 200KB without compromising detailing and dimensions. Overall, “it surpasses WhatsApp in terms of image quality retention”. Application on recipient side got minimised automatically during image download and that is the only bug we could figure out here.

In third test, we sent a test soundtrack (10s duration) from Messenger application on different platforms. The software displayed it on chat box. However, when the play button was clicked, it buffered for three minutes and nothing happened. Also, there’s no option to record audio as developer claims.

You can send files of any format by clicking add files button.

Note that recipient didn’t encounter any such issue with audio files from Messenger for Desktop.

In fourth test, we played with settings for a while. Settings screen is just a pop-up window with checkboxes for notifications and sounds. You’ll have to access Facebook website for any other customizations such as turning chat off/on to someone, blocking people etc., and that’s a bit frustrating. Any change you make in Facebook account through website will be reflected in this application also.

Voice and video calling buttons seems to be mere dummies. Software got force closed every time we clicked them. The problem persists with incoming video and voice calls too! The software is at ground zero at the moment and we can expect those features in full blown state with upcoming updates.

Messenger for Desktop Features

We won’t allocate precious bytes for any software with no reasons. Here we list a few plus points of Messenger for Desktop that impressed us.

  • Clean and minimalistic user interface with official Messenger app inspired images and animations
  • Access to official FB sticker store with thousands of free stickers
  • Notifies you when recipient has seen your message
  • Share files of any format without restrictions
  • Full screen texting experience
  • Inherits your chat settings on Facebook website
  • Native notifications and theme options
  • Cross-platform chatting support
  • Better image quality retention compared to WhatsApp
  • Provides direct link to friend’s timeline

Alexandru will give you further info about this download. It costs only a single click! Visit Link!

System Requirements

Before plunging to the download button, make sure that your device can run it!

  • OS: Windows: XP and above
  • Apple: OSX 10.7 and above
  • Linux: All versions
  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • FREE SPACE: 50 MB minimum

Note: This review is based on Windows version of this instant messenger. Features and experience may differ platform to platform. The software has no affiliation from Facebook.


Accessing Messenger on desktop was a bit tricky since Facebook curbed their Messenger service availability on Windows and other desktop platforms. If you’re in search of Messenger client for desktop, you’re at the right place now. Messenger for desktop is a free official app alternative which offers similar functions and user interface. Despite a few bugs, it’s the best you can find on internet.