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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Full Version




Step on the gas and become a part of the most intense race ever

By Ellie Teller

On Monday, April 11, 2016

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a racing videogame developed by EA that brings to the table the bad guys vs. good guys formula once again. If you were an enthusiastic Need For Speed Underground players as myself, you will find this new release more than enjoyable, since it offers more or less the same gameplay experience we all loved. Moreover, since years have passed and technology has dramatically increases video games’ possibilities, you will find new features that will make your head pop. For instance, the lifelike physics and the stunning graphics aspect blend together when a crash occurs, displaying the fireworks in ultra slow-motion for your visual pleasure. The game offers several game modes such as races against other pilots or time attack races. Besides, there are several traps you can equip to your car in order to escape from the cops or to catch the bad guys, so choose wisely!


  • The graphics and physics are so detailed
  • An open world experience with the old Underground feeling


  • Mission selection could have been better



New installment of the franchise Need for Speed developed by Criterion Games

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, April 11, 2016

Need for Speed is one of the most recognized in the panorama of the arcade driving on the other hand is Criterion names, parents of Burnout excellent and a study has shown countless times the proper know-how within the most frantic driving. In both cases Hot Pursuit, a smile to the past with current tools is born.

The return of police chases is a success. Whether it escapes as if pursued, the possibilities offered by the mapping created by Criterion extensísimo make racing not have a moment of rest. Skills are few, but enough to complete a simple and satisfying experience while playing. The different ways of coping with a career (against the normal race, escape, chase, kill certain targets) and the high number of missions and vehicles to choose enliven the game for a while. Although the best, by far, it is the autolog system.

The work of Criterion fulfills its mission, though not exempt from improvable things like lack of freedom to escape-the persecution circuits are closed- or lack of more variety of game modes, especially if we are security agents . Nor do we understand again that omit the option to play split screen on a single console, a sad trend is upward. However, Criterion meet what was expected of them making a Need for Speed that may not be exactly what is presupposed to the mark, but has an undoubted quality as arcade driving.


  • The autolog mode, a brilliant idea to expand the gaming experience
  • The recovery of police chases


  • Closed circuits in police chases
  • Any more differently missing when police do




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for private use only, without any commercial intent. i have been an ardent follower of the various versions of need for speed untill today. i

What similar programs have you used?
  • Hot Pursuit is one of the highlighted titles in Need for Speed timeline. This four year older title still finds place among over-the-top street racing entertainment.

What do you like most about this program?
  • The real 3D experience and various scenes on every count. The motrorway options and car selction with pimping tools are the ultimate choice.

  • it is a most fantastic game which has no bad scenes and also suitable for the teenagers.ooh i love its convinience and interesting play there is no other programm that can beat this

  • itsan awesome program filled with thrill and entertainment and its also fun to use especially after a long tiring day at work it helps get rid of stress


Hot Pursuit is a dramatic cop vs. racer title born from EA - Criterion alliance, which forms the sixteenth link of the highly acclaimed Need for Speed saga. Miracle happens when Criterion’s exemplary aesthetics meet EA’s time-honoured traditions and the outcome is an adrenaline-fueled Need for Speed with Burnout Paradise DNA!

Hot Pursuit is one of the highlighted titles in Need for Speed timeline. This four year older title still finds place among over-the-top street racing entertainment. Newfangled additions ranging from pursuit-tech to Autolog were on trial-run with this title and you can spot them in full-blown form in subsequent Need for Speeds. Most Wanted inherited Autolog to take its open-world gaming fun up a notch while Rivals is leaned towards cop-pursuits with the adoption of pursuit-tech! We recommend you checkout those games too!

Step on the gas!

Seacrest County is one of the most alluring video game locations as if it is rendered straight out of a middle-school boy’s pajama party. It’s an arresting isle scene with highway roads bathed in mastic asphalt and peppered with practical byways; all that are fabricated for amped-up highway-cruising fun. It’s a playground for daredevil motorists and precious exotic sportsters. However, it is not an anarchic setting - Constantly mushrooming competition has led to the formation of world’s fastest law-enforcement unit.

It’s all about doing a ton with million-dollar hot rods from Lamborghini, Pagani, Porsche and other sumptuous marques around an intricate network of motorways and feeders. Game opens into the satellite map of Seacrest County peppered with both cop and racer mission markers. There’s no wedged-in plot to speak of so that you’re free to alternate between both types of events. Bounty is awarded as you drive rivals off the track, burning rubber around corners, evading attacks and steering into oncoming traffic. Filling your bounty bar up to certain thresholds will unlock new gas-guzzlers, weapons and levels. Level-ups are illustrated as promotions for a cop while they’re wanted-levels for racers. Highest level is twenty in both career modes.

You might find the mission selection of Hot Pursuit a bit frustrating if you have been killing time on open-world driving titles for a while. Single-player mode is overly focused compared to the new-gen Need for Speeds and Burnout Paradise. Each marker on map carries multiple events and you can trigger the one that takes your fancy. You’ll be redirected to the event after a cinematic skippable cutscene. You can pit against other racers (races and hot pursuits) or the clock (time trials) as a racer while shutting illegal races is your one-and-only objective as a cop.

One of the plus points of Hot Pursuit experience is the arsenal of equipment or traps. Cop vehicles can equipped with any of spike strips, EMP, roadblocks and helicopters respective of the mission. Racers can also equip their cars with EMPs and spike strips and instead of roadblocks and choppers they are provided turbo and jammer. Time and weather conditions are taken into account for deciding the permutation of obstacles and traps so that you won’t feel any of them to be overpowered. You won’t get a ton of each item for an event so that you should use them creatively!

Spike strips are resilient devices with razor-sharp edges purposefully built for bursting car tyres. You can line it up with the help of rear view mirrors and deploy when the suspect (or opponent) is just behind you. EMP stands for ‘electromagnetic pulse’, which is a guided signal that can distract the computer system of targeted car for a while. Downside of EMP is that it takes a few seconds to generate the signal after target-lock. When you call a roadblock, your current unit will line up cars across the road so that suspects will either decelerate or crash into it. Helicopters can tailgate suspect vehicles which are far ahead of you and bust them using spike strips. Jammer helps you shut down opponent’s weaponry remotely and thus evade attacks without giving up your lead.

The game process life-like physics and accurate artificial-intelligence rubber-banding; Thanks to the powerful Chameleon Engine under the hood! Realistic implementation of distance and speed on the virtual plane is appreciable. Driving is simulated in such a way that you can feel the momentum in straight-line motoring. However, momentum is subsided whilst cornering for compensating body rolls and thus ensures jaw-dropping drifts.

Gameplay is entirely different from any other NFS title. Touching top-speed is not a hard nut to crack on the curvy yet well-banked Seacrest County road network. Intuitive control scheme makes it easy to burn rubber without throwing yourself off the road. One thing you’ll love in this game is that handling and performance vary vehicle to vehicle. The game sports spectacular crash effects intensified by ultra-slow-motion camera.

Pixel-perfect visuals and exuberant sound effects are the meat and potatoes of Hot Pursuit. Cars models enjoy remarkable detailing and texturing. Apt word to describe the environment quality will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Warm lighting makes the setting look vivid and lively. One thing impressed us is that it

works flawlessly even with low-end graphics cards like ATI Radeon 43xx or NVIDIA GTX 610 at high settings.

Talking about the sound, the game is blessed with cheerful soundtracks and naturalistic game sounds. Exhaust notes are faultless. Listening to some monsters like Shelby GT500 is enough to give you chills.

EA has revamped the competition engine for refined social experience and given it a sexy name- Autolog! It prioritizes player-to-player competition facts over global player ranking. It tells you how you stack up against your friends, comparison of personal bests, what they’re involved in and much more! Whenever someone in your friends list beats your record, Autolog will let you know that. If you want to retain the crown, just click on the message and you’ll be redirected to the event!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Full Version Features

We’ll tell you why it was sold like hotcakes.

  • Stunning graphics, realistic car models and beautiful environments
  • Spot-on supercar exhaust notes and collision sounds
  • Realistic car crashes with ultra-slow-motion recap
  • Freedrive mode for free roaming maniacs
  • Life-like game physics and eye-popping drifts
  • Autolog is a nice addition for better social experience
  • Online racing with up to eight opponents
  • You can download DLC packs for installing new cars
  • Great soundtrack collection for boosting the fun factor
  • Flawlessly support almost any PC graphics card
  • Better support to keyboard controls

For more information about the game and DLC pack download, visit

System Requirements

Wait…wait! Don’t plunge to the download button before reading this part! Your PC should have at least the following configuration to run the game!

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz
  • RAM: 1.5 GB minimum
  • Video Card: NVIDIA 7600 or ATI Radeon HD 3000 at least
  • HDD: 8GB for installation
  • Note: If you’re having any trouble with this game, try updating video card driver installed on your PC. DLCs are extension packs to enable rare vehicles in both online and offline modes. Keep in mind, all DLCs may not be free.

Exhaust note

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is one of the best cop vs. racer titles of all time. It lets you match your driving skills against world-class street racers in the gorgeous isle scene of Seacrest County. With a wide variety of adrenaline packed online and offline events in association with social-gaming experience brought you by Autolog, the game will never disappoint you. Overall, this racing game gives double bang for your bucks!