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Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard 5.2.11

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Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard is the application you need on your system for providing a correct grammar checking software. This virtual keyboard improves your proficiency writing and learning more about language uses amongst other great features. This software is available for Android, iOS devices and browsers for Windows and Mac OSX.

The download of Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard enhances the language possibilities of your system. Amongst these possibilities, you will find an easy way of switching between 40 different available languages, being able to translate messages immediately. The input support includes several kinds of languages and alphabets like Arabic (العربية), Georgian (ქართული), Korean (한국어), Slovak (slovenčina), Persian (فارسی), Thai (ไทย), Greek (Ελληνικά), Russian (Русский ) or Japanese (日本語).

You will find it really handy in order to write emails, posts or any kind of message from your mobile device or just from your browser.

You will find it really handy, once you download this software, in order to write emails, posts or any kind of message from your mobile device or just from your browser. The app analyzes what you write and offers its help correcting wrongly spelled words, suggesting other kinds of words and providing an instant definition about the selected words.

Discover a enjoyable way of text proofreading
Discover a enjoyable way of text proofreading

How To Use

By installing this cutting-edge keyboard you don’t only obtain a useful tool for improving your writing style, it also offers the feature of online proofreading of your texts. In the first place, the grammar checker included offers solving your errors in a professional way. You can put your trust in this Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard since its main grammar source is the Internet, which is updated continually to avoid all kind of mistakes. The spell checker feature is not only focused on the English language; it also offers support for simplified Chinese, Catalan, traditional Chinese, Portuguese and even Esperanto.

In order to show its advanced use of grammar, this app also offers a sentence rephraser, a tool that allows rewriting any kind of message in a different way. This shows the language understanding of this tool, being something innovative adding synonyms and idioms to your messages naturally. In any case, if you can’t understand some parts of the new text you can rely on the dictionary provided directly.

For assuring an improvement in your use of the language, there is added a personal trainer with tips and advices. With a little practice, your vocabulary and grammar diversity will increase exponentially. This tool, alongside the punctuation checker, spelling and grammar makes this virtual keyboard a great app for your device and perfect for improving your spelling skills.

Improve your text quality
Improve your text quality

Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard 5.2.11 Features

You will find the main features of this application in the following list:

  • Check and contextually correct your texts immediately within any kind of text source
  • Improve your language level with a personal trainer included for free and correct your spelling mistakes
  • Update your grammar without the download of additional tools
  • The app revolutionizes the way you write your messages with the customized keyboard
  • Turns the texts into speech with a proper accent
  • Includes support for more than 40 languages like Indonesian, Suomi, Mongolian, Polski, English, Spanish or Romanian, amongst others
  • Translate any kind of text into one of the supported languages

For learning more about this application, feel free to pay a visit to its official website. .

System Requirements

Check the following requirements for running this virtual keyboard:

  • Operating System: iOS system 6.1, Android version 2.3.3, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for Windows and Mac OSX
  • Size: depends on the version (23MB free space onwards)



By Keyvo Kimaita

On Friday, February 13, 2015


As the name suggests it’s for spell checking software that allows you correct grammar once you type or write something that is wrong.This software is very efficient and saves one the embarrassment of writing wrongly in a text as it corrects you and also amazingly it gives you even the spelling suggestions I mean how amazing is this.Then the suggestions are available in over 40 different languages so therefore it does not matter which part of the world you come from because there are spelling suggestions for you how great is this.This software is also great that even before you end typing a certain word it has already started giving you the words suggestion so therefore even you may end up not typing the whole word and this helps to save on time.


The following are the features for ginger page & grammar keyboards

It offers spelling suggestions as you type.

It can also turn your texts into a correct speech with a good ascent


Be able to get spelling suggestions as you type so as to avoid mistakes.


  • It is a freeware version
  • It is very easy to use


  • it is not very correct or accurate always.
Ease to access guides and manuals: