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By Ngunyi Kibui

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This app has really changed the face of seamless connectivity between your phone and your phone and your PC. With Airdroid 3 you can get notifications, dismiss or accept phone calls on your desktop without opening your web browser tab. Developed by Sand studio, you will need to sign in for an Airdroid account to get started with the desktop app. Once you sign in, you will find a simple navigation panel on the left hand side of the app. The panel options include sending files to and from mobile device, receiving and sending text messages, viewing call log or contact list, app notifications and you can receive or dismiss calls on your PC with even a text like “call you later” although actual calls still happen on the handset.

Sand studio have invested a good security feature on the Airdroid app with the sms encryption feature known as end to end encryption using public key cryptography ensuring your texts are safe from third parties with an added in house security technology.

The Mirroring capability lets you control your Android device from your PC although for pre-certified and rooted phones for now. Devices running on any higher version of android than kitkat, that is android lollypop are not supported. Although it’s a bit laggy, with little problems like the drop and drag which work on the web app. highly reccomendable toevery android user out there.


  • support of screen mirroring between phone and PC.
  • a user friendly interface for user of any skill level


  • the app is not that responsive
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AirDroid: A must have weapon in every Android user's arsenal!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015

AirDroid is a must have weapon in every Android user’s arsenal. It’s a powerful transfer medium which lets you forget about inter-platform restrictions. Now you can share files between anyone around you irrespective of the Smartphone they use.

It’s a simple host-client setup. Sender pushes a locally hosted website onto receiver’s web-browser just like a host. Receiver opens it via mutually shared WiFi connection to play the role of client. The website acts as a medium which exposes all data on host device to the receiver. Receiver is granted access even to the file system so that he can share, delete or alter almost any file he sees.

It is obvious that unless sender takes necessary precaution, he may have to suffer privacy loss or data leakage. Therefore, it is recommended to use this application only among the ones you can trust. I use this application to transfer movies from computer to my tablet. AirDroid is hardly penetrable due to military grade encryptions so that it is completely safe when used among your own devices. Rooted devices can even enjoy complete screen mirroring.


AirDroid is a great mirroring application when it is used with proper precautions. Even though there are strong security measures, you should keep an eye on the receiver’s screen. AirDroid performs really fast as the company claims. Overall, I can’t live without this small app! I recommend it to everyone. I rate it 7.9 out of 10!


  • High speed data transfer possible
  • Military grade encryption to prevent penetration
  • Intuitive user interface makes it newbie friendly
  • Supports screen mirroring on rooted phones


  • Exposes all data on phone to receiver
  • Website is not at all responsive
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Get full access of your android through using your computer

By Legacy Stranger

On Monday, November 30, 2015

Android has grown over the years and is now the most famous platform or operating system in the world. Almost all smart phones and phablets use android. Airdroid is a simple intergration that allows the user to connect his or her android phone to a computer and access it locally. Once you download the aidroid executable file, you will also need to download the application for android. You will be propted to create and account or sign in if you are already an exesting member.

Once you register you will be able to control your android phone or pc from anywhere in the world. If you also have a fpv you can also use airdroid to control it, as long as you have linked them to one account. Airdroid also acts like an android emulator once you change the setting you can play all your android games on pc, this is great since the identification is still the same, so if the phone lets (y) manufacturer airdroid will also read that the emulator is from (y) manufacturer.

With airdroid you can decide to back up all your android content directly to your pc, if you have linked your pc to any cloud storage unit you will also be able to store your android content in the same storage unit.


This is a great tool since it will give you all the control you need from anywhere in the world.


  • Auto sync is automatically enabled once you link accounts.
  • Easy to use and understand.


  • Most of the times you are required to have an active internet connection.
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AirDroid 3 is a handy free application that blurs the line between Android and other operating systems. It is the third instalment of renowned AirDroid ecosystem that lets you take the total control of the device via your PC’s roomy display. Remote access to the phone data is no more tangled in clumsy wires.

It is not a run-of-the-mill smartphone PC suite utility. It’s an all-in-one solution for Computer-Android data transfer, screen mirroring, file management, remote app access and much more! Client side software is not a must for its functioning, and that is one of the highlighted features. You can find this revolutionary piece of tech listed on ‘recommended’ columns of leading technology websites such as XDA, PCWorld, BGR, Phandroid, Gizmodo, LifeHacker, CNET, etc.

Why AirDroid?

As the name suggests, it doesn’t shackle you with wires, provided that you should be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection between devices. The technology is can be comprehensibly explained by taking the configuration of ADSL modem as an example. As in the case of modem, there’s a website stored locally (phone acts as host), which can be accessed by inputting the IP Address – Passcode combination (“http://192.168.xx.xx:8888) in client’s web browser. Data transfer is facilitated by the means of it.

The app exposes almost every data in your phone to the client. The client is granted permission to access contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, ringtones, and camera without notifying the host. Even some third-party apps like WhatsApp, Line and WeChat, can be accessed in this manner. Notification Mirror is active all the time and notifications will be automatically sent to the client in real-time.

You can import and export any file (including ‘.apk’ files) between host and client irrespective of the file format and size. Large files will be automatically archived into ‘.zip' format. There’s option to send folders with any number of subfolders directly and conserve its structure. The clipboard of the host is made editable to the client so that plain text can be transferred without saving it into files.

Performance and data security

The app could flawlessly handle all functions except the remote camera, where we could find noticeable lag in communicating with higher resolution Smartphone cameras (Test device – Sony Xperia Z3). The problem was not that significant with Cameras up to 8 Mega Pixels (Test device – LG Nexus 5). AirDroid gave satisfactory results in our data transfer speed test also. It could transfer a 750MB file in roughly 54 seconds (average speed of 14MBps).

AirDroid uses HTTPS (HTTP Secure) to transmit sensitive private data such as SMS and account credentials safely. E2EE (End-to-end encryption) technology is adopted to take the security level up a notch. The app could pass all penetration tests conducted by Rapid7 as per the article appeared on developer’s website on December 17, 2014. They’ve curbed JSNOP (JavaScript Object Notation with Padding) method of sharing since the March 2015 update as a patch to the grievous authentication method flaw detected by Bishop Fox security lab. In short, AirDroid team is vigilant to deliver optimum protection to your data! However, we advise you not to connect AirDroid through unsafe browser and public WiFi networks.

Airdroid Features

Here are the ten cool features you’ll definitely love it!

  • Remote access like never before – Access a number of built-in apps like Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos and much more
  • Set ringtones remotely – Set audio from either client or host as your ringtone
  • See what your phone sees – Directly access your phone’s front and back cameras and snap your best moments through the client device
  • Real-time screenshots without raising your phone
  • Send Text directly to device clipboard without saving it into word or text files
  • Push URL to default web browser of your phone
  • Notification mirror for displaying notifications from allowed apps on client device
  • Enjoy accessing your apps and games via AirMirror (beta)service (root required)
  • Lightning-fast data transfer
  • Any file including Android Application Package (apk) files can be transferred

For more information regarding this free download, visit developer website clicking here

System Requirements

Before plunging to the download button, make sure that your device can run it!

  • Android version: 2.2 and above
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Note: Certain facilities like AirMirror requires root access. For better functionality, it is recommended to use Windows or Mac client software from the developer. You can download it from developer website for free. Instead of IP plus passcode combination, you can also use to access AirDroid.


Our tests revealed that AirDroid is better equipped, focused and connected as the developer claims. It outdoes any other remote access application on the market in terms of handiness and performance. Laggy remote camera and lack of responsive web design are the only cons we could find in it. Overall, the app is worth a try!