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Farming Simulator 15



Be the best farmer by getting to play farming simulator 15,which now has additional features.

By Newton Amadioha

On Monday, November 2, 2015

Playing this game enables you to enjoy keeping your rows straight, pulling loads of corn, grass cutting, sowing among other farm activities. This game does not simulate high technology farming such as mulching and drip irrigation and this may disappoint you.The actual business of playing the game is not very funny,this is because ploughing,harvesting and fertilizing is a bit sketchy.

The most desirable aspect about this game is that you can hire other people to drive your vehicles for you.Since driving the tractors account for more than half of the game,hiring people to drive for you the vehicles gives you the room to enjoy the artificial intelligence of this game.This game is also improved in that there is online multiplayer although this feature is full of bugs and barely works,although this idea of hiring more than three people makes it a social game.

Woodcutting is also an additional for those who wish for a change from the monotonous cultivation,you can also wash you vehicles using the pressure car wash and it also has the weather forecasting feature,above all the multi language aspect which enables the game to support more than 15 languages makes it user friendly in a way.


This game is an improved version of its previous instalments in aspects such as physics and graphics,although it does not yet measure upto the standards yet, I recommend you try it because its an improvemets of the past instalments.


  • Comes with a new multiplayer option
  • A lot of humour particularly from engines which make the game interesting


  • Unguided game with no basic manuals




By Ngunyi Kibui

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Developed by focus home interactive, Farming Simulator 2015 is all about making money from a farm, investing in its outcome back in the farmland with the use of ultra-modern and the latest farm machinery and tools. In this game you begin your career as a novice who has to work from scratch in the farms to pay off debts as u head to expand your business and this is by buying fields and machinery. You will have to rely on this machinery I their entirety to perform all the tasks which include ploughing planting and harvesting. The game is set in the North American fertile lands and you have to be familiar with the basic terminologies of ploughing and sowing to crack this game. The graphics in this game seem so real as even the dust on the vehicles seem like you can dust them off from the screen. Driving the vehicles is more real as one can even feel the intensity and heaviness of the vehicles ranging from tractors to combine harvesters. The game is monotonous as you keep repeating the same tasks over and over although the wood cutting is quite a clever addition to kill the boredom. Being a non violent game I highly recommend it and if you are a farming enthusiast also the fact that the game has in over 18 languages.


  • 24/7 online support for the game
  • Lightweight in nature thus easy for installation
  • Free download making it available for all users
  • Multilingual thus favourable for many nationals


  • The game is too repetitive making it boring
  • Lacks more advanced farming methods like mulching,drip irrigation,polyhose etc



The game that allows one to manage a farm in a more profitable manner.

By Kim Kiruma

On Thursday, December 3, 2015

Agric business is the leading money venture that is increasingly gaining trend and for any success in ths proper management of both operations and finances becomes a key aspect to check on. This farm simulator has been developed with a very interactive and easy user interface that allows one to navigate through with ease, The developers had the best interest of the farmer and even created the game with a variety of authentic machinery including tools and vehicles thus giving the player a real-time feel of using the equipment's. The developers created the game based on environments that really exist like the North America thus giving the game a more realistic touch. The game has a feature that allows one to even split tasks among the multiple players that are playing the game. The game has a wood cutting feature that really makes playing the game not just about cultivating. The game has even realistic vehicle controls that make the game a must have.


  • The game allows for multiple players
  • The game has revamped graphics


  • The game has been based on specific environments




Focus Home Interactive is back with a novel instalment of their well-received Farming Simulator line, with worthwhile refinements in graphics and physics. The game has received all requisite patch-ups to tackle those Anton Egos who denigrated its predecessor and we finally have the most focused fun-reaping business simulation to date! Get in my tractor…I’ll take you to the farm!

Farming Simulator 2015 is not a revamped iteration of the top-rated FarmVille Facebook game. It’s better illustrated as a farm machinery simulator. It’s all about raking in money from the farm with the help of present-day technologies and investing its outcome back into the farmland. It is one of the best constructive games ever listed on steam with zero violence, just like Construction Simulator 2015

It’s not what you think!

Operation of agricultural machineries ranging from chainsaw to tractor is the meat and potatoes of Farming Simulator. You’ll have to rely upon these machineries for performing even fundamental tasks like tilling soil and sowing seeds. It doesn’t simulate any hi-tech farming practices like mulching, drip-irrigation, polyhouse farming etc. and that may disappoint farming enthusiasts a bit! In short, this is not the page you should visit if you’re to familiarize yourself with soil and farming!

The game takes you to the fertile landscapes of North American and Nordic territories. Your career begins as a novice who burns the candle at both ends to pay off debts and eventually stand on his own legs by buying vehicles and fields. Expansion of business is the sole objective to chase. Grasping in-game guidance will be a hard nut to crack unless you’re familiar with basic terminologies like ploughing and sowing. It won’t be touching all aspects of farming so that you’ll have to learn many of them by repeated trial-and-error.

Wood cutting is a clever addition to the game to kill boredom due to repetition. Find a chainsaw or logger and head into the nearest forest whenever you wish to have a change. It’s a great way for find some quick bucks without sweating too much. Despite having a few bugs in log physics, it’s a nice inclusion!

Developer has introduced noteworthy advancements in graphics and physics over the previous release. Vehicles look far more lifelike with high definition textures and dirt decals. Reworked particle system plays a key role in kicking the realism up a notch. Cockpit view with working meters and instruments is a pleasurable addition. Cockpit detailing is decent.

Vehicles look far more lifelike with high definition textures and dirt decals.

Talking about the physics, they’ve bettered vehicle movements substantially. None of my tractors did behave weirdly like Mako in Mass Effect Also those monstrous tires never got stuck in bumpy terrains and moguls. Moreover can feel the weight and velocity of vehicle like never before!

Farming Simulator 15 Features

Pros of the game in a glance!

  • Over 140 authentic tools and vehicles from 40 renowned manufacturers- Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, New Holland, Case IH, Ponsse and many more..
  • Environments inspired by North America and Northern Europe
  • Woodcutting is a new addition for those who wish for a change from cultivation
  • Work load can be shared with up to 15 friends in multiplayer mode
  • Passionate community for 24×7 support
  • Brand new physics engine – realistic vehicle controls
  • Revamped graphics- attractive visual effects, particle system and dirt decals on vehicles
  • Limitless modding support – Install new tools, vehicles and working environments for free
  • Multilingual support- up to 18 languages including Spanish
  • You can wash your vehicle with pressure jet
  • Free weather forecast to warn you about upcoming storms

For more information about game and mods download, visit developer’s website

System Requirements

Before clicking download button, make sure that your PC meet minimum required configuration provided below!

  • OS: Windows Vista and higher
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.86GHz minimum
  • Memory: 2GB or more
  • HDD: 3GB for installation and save files

Note: The game requires uninterrupted internet connection. Install free third-party mods at your own risk. Mods from untrusted sources may encounter bugs in multiplayer mode.

Bottom Line

Farming Simulator 15 is a massive improvement over its previous instalment in almost every aspect such as graphics, physics and user interface while objective remains the same. You can alternate between single-player and multiplayer modes at any time. Wood cutting is a new addition for those who need a change from planting and harvesting. Overall, it’s worth the download!