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Avant Browser Ultimate 2016 Build 7

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Enjoy a powerful web browser with three different engines for displaying websies in a good way

By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, June 15, 2015

Avant browser ultimate is a web browser that allows many windows in its single Multiple Document Interface (MDI) place. It is user friendly, stable, and it is also very fast. It is also versatile. Since it is Ultimate it has rendering engines of Internet Explorer, Firefox and chrome. This means it is a multiprocessor so you don't have to switch searching for a better browser.

It has very many positive features which makes it lead the rest. These include:-

*The flash animation filter which blocks the download of flash files to prevent occupying a large space.

It also has a built-in Yahoo/Google Search Engine which enables users to search the web or pages and images easily.

It is also a freeware meaning it is free from virus, malware, spyware ads and also free to use.

It also detects the videos you are browsing and boost the download speed.

It has uses Ajax Technology which is an anti-freezing agent to prevent sites from freezing or crashing.

It also has a Mouse Gesture to help in screen clicks.

To have Avant Browser Ultimate installed in your PC you need an operating system, a fast CPU or a 233MHz processor and a space of 309MB.

This a highly recommended web browser looking at its many features and its multiprocessing function.


  • There is no memory leak.
  • It is fully compatible with internet explorer.
  • It has a very low memory usage in web browsing.
  • Can download videos in seconds.


  • The interface can sometimes be confusing to beginners
Ease to access guides and manuals:




What do you like most about this program?
  • Its tri-core engine is very flexible, and hopefully it will save on memory compared to using multiple browsers in seperate modes ... Build 7 is latest for XP users


Amongst the choice of Internet browsers, most users just want to keep it simple using the default options or the most popular software, without paying attention to a whole lot of powerful alternatives. Avant Browser Ultimate is one of the examples we are talking about, including three different engines for displaying websites in a proper way without missing any details. This 2015 edition browser is available to download for free on any PC running Windows operating systems.

Using this Avant software on your PC you don’t need to switch between browsers, so you're able to choose the engine you need for each website optimization

For some people having just a single browser installed is not enough, since all of them have their pros and cons in their features. Avant Browser Ultimate tries to get rid of these cons offering the users a great diversity when it comes to rendering websites using their different engines. Using this Avant software on your PC you won’t need to switch between browsers, so you'll be able to choose the engine you need for each website optimization, saving your resources and using its multi-processing system.

The first time you install the Avant Browser utility you will notice that its aspect is not as appealing as you would figure, but its customizable options of this application can turn the default aspect into something more fashionable. Modify the different options and buttons to make the application’s workspace more user-friendly, comfortable and efficiently intuitive.

Surf the web as you want

This Ultimate 2015 version of the Avant Browser includes a powerful Tri-core engine. These rendering engines are Webkit, Gecko and Trident, each one of them being part of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer respectively. This way you can avoid changing your browser each time you want to visit a website that has been optimized for one of these browsers, increasing the efficiency of your work with this multi-threaded option.

This fast browser has added some premium features such as the memory-leak-free and the lock-up-free functions, offering an incredible reliability. According to our experience, Avant Browser Ultimate has become one of the most useful browsers due to its quick website processing, and its auto-complete function that gives you the address of what you are typing before it is done.

The whole pack of active functions is impressive, no matter how you look at it. Avant Browser supports all kinds of add-ons, translates foreign language websites using WordLingo or the Google translate service, provides a backup and restore features for your user profiles, and even imports bookmarks brought in and encrypted stand-alone HTML files from Chrome, Opera or Firefox. If you are running this browser using a GPRS/3g Internet connection you may want to save your bandwidth as much as possible, with a built-in ad/pop-up blocker and a flash blocker for avoiding the download of these elements, helping you to save resources.

Manage your add-ons
Manage your add-ons

Avant Browser Ultimate 2016 Build 7 Features

These are the main features of Avant Browser Ultimate for your PC:

  • Quick website rendering engines for not wasting time loading your favorite sites successfully
  • Switch between engines in a single instant in just one click
  • Customize all the aspects of the UI browser adapting it to your needs
  • Download more features installing different add-ons increasing its functionality
  • Great backup system for saving your bookmarks, RSS feeds, browser settings and more
  • Block ads and pop-ups by default and enhanced private browsing
  • Block annoying flash elements and save your resources for showing just important information

Find all advanced features of this Avant Browser 2015 version clicking on the following link.

System Requirements

Discover the requirements for the installation of Avant Browser Ultimate:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later version
  • Processor: 233MHz or faster CPU
  • Size: 309MB available space for full installation